Intruder Alarm Systems

Securetime Systems install small 8 zone domestic panels to 500+ zone commercial panels. Using control panels from any manufacturer with the option of monitoring with a police URN.

Our aim is to install what the customer requires and cause as little disturbance as possible. Wherever possible we will always endeavour to hide any cabling and we always leave your premises tidy.

Products that we install along side our control panels are:-

Door contacts, Pir's, Dual Tech movement sensors, Vibration sensors, Break glass detectors, Infra Red beams

Internal speakers, Internal sounders, External Bells, Master Blasters, Speech Diallers and Text diallers.

Smart water and Smoke Machines.

CCTV Systems

Securetime Systems install the latest IP hard disc recording systems, fitting any type of professional cctv camera to suit the enviroment required. Hard disc recorders start from small 4 camera 500gb residential systems upto high end multiple camera systems.

Systems can be fitted as stand alone units with a dedicated monitor or they can be monitored via a network or the internet.

Access Control

Securetime Systems install the latest access control systems from any manufacturer. These systems start from small 1 door systems through to PC based multi door systems that can be accessed by local computer or via a network or the internet.

Intercom Systems

Securetime Systems install intercom systems from simple 1 door systems to multidoor units in high rise apartments that can also be integrated with any access control system.